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Second project approved for funding under Operative Program Fishery


A second project developed by PDM Services Ltd. for our clients was approved for funding by the Executive Agency Fishery and Aquaculture.

Project funding is secured under the Local strategy for the development of Fishery area "High Western Rhodope" and the Operative Program "Fishery". Project objectives include the mapping and popularization of the territory of High Western Rhodope area as a destination for ecotourism and fishing. Among the main project activities are the GPS mapping of 100 tourist attractions and the development of online map providing information and GPS data for each of them. Since we have proven expertise in this field the team of PDM Services Ltd. is expected to undertake the planned mapping activities under the project.

Project in focus

Интерактивна туристическа карта Високи Западни Родопи - Батак, Девин, Доспат

The interactive map was developed by PDM Services Ltd. under a project implemented by Novo Badeshte za Dospat Association with the financial support of Operational Programme for the Bulgarian Fisheries.

The website contains information for the most popular tourist routes and sites on the territory of FLAG High Western Rhodopes: Batak-Devin-Dospat together with GPS data for all objects available for download.


PDM Services Ltd. is certified by the Executive Forestry Agency at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for the production and marketing of forest reproductive materials of national and international level.

Our team experts hold licenses in various fields including forestry, FSC forest certification, work with specialized GIS software, environmental impact assessment, tourism, etc.

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